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About Us

Growing up, my childhood dream was to "live on a ranch with a big family and lots and lots of animals" and it is one of the joys of my life that i can say that dream is starting to come true. 

I live with my husband, David, in the beautiful countryside of Perthshire, Scotland. We have two babies, one in heaven and one on earth with us here. Her name is Eilidh and she is the loudest yet most sensitive little girl who's favourite things are animals, flowers and being outside. Eilidh is a common name here in Scotland but for the non-natives reading, it is pronounced "Ay-ley" and means light or radiant, which she certainly is. 

We are blessed to be surrounded by animals. The cows and sheep from neighbouring farms are just over our garden fences and there are lots of horses just down the hill from us. There are also chickens, cats, ducks and swans and we also keep rabbits in our garden. Recently we had the absolute honour of adopting Rosie from a loving family in an incredibly difficult situation. This Rottweiler/German Shepherd cross has filled the missing piece of our family and is the most gentle, intelligent and willing dog I have ever met. 

When I am not outdoors with Eilidh or the animals i am generally crocheting. Crochet came to me during a very difficult time of disabling chronic illness and was a way I found purpose and joy in some otherwise dark days. Now i use it to create toys, clothing and other items that compliment the natural and sustainable lifestyle we are aiming to lead. 

You can read more on the story behind the name and my hopes and dreams for this site here.

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    Sarah x